On September 21, an Ecotrip took place along the Southern shore of the Gulf of Finland and meeting with local residents, dedicated to celebrating of European Green Belt Days – this year is a 30th anniversary of the European Green Belt international initiative.

Russian and Finnish specialists in hydrological monitoring conducted research on Seleznevka and Buslovka rivers. This was the second joint monitoring of the SEVIRA project organized to share knowledge. The first trip was hosted by the Finnish side this May in Lappeenranta. Hydrologists took samples for further laboratory analysis and estimated the discharge – the volume of water flowing per unit time on the river section. This indicator is necessary to analyze the concentration of pollution in the river.


4 years of research, 7 beaches on the Gulf of Finland coast within St.Petersburg and Leningrad region

TOP-10 plastic pollutant goods found on the Gulf of Finland coast as a result of marine litter monitoring

Ecocentrum - center for environmental education in Sennoy district - presented a new exhibition. Visitors can learn how many tons of plastic waste annually enters the ocean and how to reduce this huge amount, which source of primary microplastics is the most massive and how to investigate microplastics in water bodies.

A series of information campaigns for residents on solutions to reduce pollution of the Baltic aquatic ecosystems was carried out by the Friends of the Baltic NGO and Ecocentrum in St. Petersburg, Lomonosov and Kronstadt from April to June 2019.


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