Demonstration ecological dry toilet will be constructed in the Luga river basin

Demonstration complex “Ecological dry toilet with separate waste collection and composting” will appear in the village Stavotino of Luga river water catchment area on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland.

On October, 16 the group of experts from Ecocentrum Ltd and Friends of the Baltic NGO visited the biodynamic farm of the public organization Biodinamics, where a demonstration complex will be placed.

Biodynamics NGO is engaged in biodynamic agriculture - this is a kind of organic (ecological) agriculture, in which the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides is excluded, careful methods of handling land and special biodynamic additives are used. Biodynamics NGO is not only engaged in growing crops, but also promotes ideas and methods of biodynamic agriculture through the organization of seminars, schools, conferences. The demonstration complex will be installed in the immediate vicinity of the seminar venue. Fertilizers obtained from the use of the complex will find their application in the farm.

The eco-toilet users will be Biodinamics members and partners, so as participants of their seminars on sustainable agriculture. Also administration of Osmino municipality which Stavotino belongs to shows the interest to the eco-toilet.

This complex will be the second one within the project “Small-scale local solutions to reduce nutrient load into the Baltic Sea” on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland after the building of such complex in gardening community Fauna of the Lomonosov district in the Kovash river catchment area.

Ecological dry toilets help to obtain valuable and safe fertilizers for the garden and to reduce the supply of nutrients to the water bodies and watercourses of the Baltic Sea basin. This is a solution to reduce eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.