Public participation in saving of Baltic salmon population in Luga river basin

Working meeting on saving the population of Baltic salmon in Luga river basin was held on October 26th in Kingisepp social and cultural center in the frame of Barents-Baltic Program Nature and People. Public organizations, business, fishermen’s, science, authorities were among the participants. Baltic Fund for Nature NGO, as well as Ecocentrum Ltd and Friends of the Baltic NGO were organizers of the event.

International experience of public participation in saving the population of wild salmon (D.Taborsky), ecosystem approach for water basin management (O.Senova), environmental activities of Luga fishing club (public association of sport fishing); elaboration of safety rules for communication with poachers, as well as a review of salmon conservation activities in different countries (E.Genelt-Janovsky) were the main topics of presentations.

The meeting included the working groups, where participants elaborated the proposals to Resolution on measures of public participation development aimed to save the Baltic salmon in Luga river.

Among the recommendations:

  • Official letter to Federal agency of water resources, as well as to participants of All Russian Environmental Congress on development of environmental monitoring of water bodies, particularly in Luga river basin.
  • Public Information campaign on importance of saving salmon population as well as saving good water quality in Luga river, particularly, habitats and breeding area of salmon.
  • Volunteer actions to clean the rapids and banks of Luga River from garbage of Kingisepp town;
  • Cooperation among authorities and public associations of fishermen’s to coordinate activities to promote public participation in saving of salmon population.

Public Council for the Conservation of Atlantic Salmon in Luga River Basin was formed at the meeting. The Public Council is open for participants; all interested persons can be involved.

The Council will cooperate with the Public Advisory Council of Luga River Basin. The Council established in 2017, and included representatives of public organizations, business, municipalities, interested in improving the ecological status of Luga River Basin.