More research, more partners.

A few years ago in Saint-Petersburg nobody knew about microplastics. But during the last year thanks to initiative of Friends of the Baltic public organization and Ecocentrum company experts began to study  this problem and developed and tested The methodology for monitoring pollution of water bodies with microplastics*. The number of people who know about the microplastics and would like to change the situation is growing every year.

For example, in the Russian social network <vkontakte> in the community joining people interested in the microplastics topic there are more than 1000 people now, although this community was created just one year ago. Now it is time for field reasearch in Saint-Petersburg – our short summer. Water sampling is carried out by several groups: students from Russian State Hydrometeorological University, students from Saint-Petersburg State University, Research Limnology Institute of Russian Academy of Science and Friends of the Baltic experts, teacher and pupils of the Krestovsky Ostrov ecological-biological center for additional education, so as teachers and pupils from other schools and centers.

 The work meeting of microlastics experts was held in the Krestovsky Ostrov Center on July, 4. Experts Ekaterina Ivanova from Research Limnology Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Elizaveta Merinova from Ecocentrum, and Alexandra Kokoreva from Krestovsky Ostrov center told about their experience in approbation of methodology*, practical researches, and first results. Students and employees from Saint Petersburg Universities and schools, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute took part in discussion and learned to identify microplastics with the microscope. They start research of microplastics this summer. Alliance of interested specialists from various organizations helps to build capacity of all involved actors, attract more volunteers and new experts, significantly advance the study of the microplastics problem.