How to make better the separate collection waste system?

The waste managment system reform in Russia started On the first January 2019. It changed the amount of utility bills-in particular for the removal of waste.  Is it possible to deal with their own waste management? How can waste be collected separately? What should a site for separate waste accumulation look like? Who should be responsible for implementing the separate fee? It was discussed at the round table "Formats of separate waste accumulation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region", organized by "RazDelny sbor"

There were representatives of regional authorities, manufacturers performing extended responsibility, processors and suppliers of secondary raw materials, regional operators, manufacturers of equipment for separate waste accumulation, management companies, the public and the media,

Friends of The Baltic and Ecocentum expert took part in the seminar, discussion. As a result of the seminar, a resolution was adopted. The key messages of the resolution is about:
- Insufficient development of separate collection waste managment and Insufficient  attention to it from the government

- The need for development of extended producer responsibility

- The need to develop support and incentive measures for separate collection, involving management companies, municipal authorities, shops and retail chains to the development of accessible separate collection infrastructure

-The necessety to promote economic stimulation of the population for participation in the separate waste collection

The resolution has already been sent to the relevant agencies. We hope that this event and result will be a big step to develop the dialogue with state structures.