International visit to the eco-toilet

More than 30 representatives of environmental organizations in the North-West Russia from the Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions, as well as representatives of organizations from Naryan-Mar, experts from Finland, Sweden, Italy and Spain, learned about the device and experience of mass use of dry toilet in gardening community. Guests learned from representatives of the local community how this experience changed their understanding of the issue of protecting natural waters from pollution, and how it influenced the organization of wastewater treatment in their own facilities.
Experts from Friends of the Baltic NGO and the ecological company Ecocentrum told about the types of dry toilets, about the peculiarities of the work of the separation type of toilet presented on the site. The use of dry toilet and composter allows to safely process waste into fertilizer, eliminating nutrient contamination of surface and groundwater.

The chairman of the board of Fauna gardening community shared the experience of service and the gardeners' opinions about the installation on toilet, said that such a toilet is convenient even in community life, and arouses the interest of all gardening guests.

Some gardeners told that they had set up a similar toilet after visiting of the demonstration complex. At the same time, some gardeners feel misunderstanding in relation to toilet drains cleaning. Information posters on the walls of the complex, revealing aspects of the use of dry toilets, help convey information to skeptics - and this is the first step to the right decision.  
Partners from the Kaikino Creative Projects NGO told about their experience in installing such demonstration complex after visiting of this demotoilet in Fauna. In the art-estate Kaikino-10 the demonstration complex with a ramp was installed for people with disabilities - visitors of the art-estate creative activities.
On the meeting was the director of Center for the Development of Social and Educational Projects" Aura " NGO. "Aura" working with various social and educational projects, including the promotion of affordable tourism and sports. "Aura" puts a dry toilet in the Curonian Spit National Park in the Kaliningrad region - with the possibility of use by people with disabilities.

Experts from environmental organizations supported the idea of ​​installing such complexes, and spreading information about dry toilets as profitable solutions for recycling nutrients.