Teachers of Lomonosov district plan to monitor local water bodies

The  Ecocentrum expert  Elizaveta Merinova told about the methods for water bodies research by teachers and schoolchildren. It was at the seminar devoted to the development of research activities of schoolchildren, which was held on December 19 at the Lomonosov Center of Information technologies.

O. Lazorenko (Education Committee of the Lomonosov district Administration, seminar organizer) drew attention to the importance of using proven methodologies for research.

River watch and  microplastics and marine litter monitoring in water bodies are proven tools of "civil science" used in many countries. By these methods, released a methodological guide by Coalition Clean Baltic, prepared by OOO Ecocentrum and non-government organization "Friends of the Baltic" with the participation of  the Baltic sea specialists.

Teachers from Bolshaya Izhora, Gostilitsy, Lagolovo, Orzhitsy and Lomonosov became interested in the express methods for the study of nitrates. Microplastics is a new topic for schools, but that is why it is relevant. Teachers are interested in training on the methodology of  microplastics and marine litter research.. Schools represented at the workshop, located in the basins of the Black river, Shingarka and Karasta.

Studies of these rivers and the gulf near it will help to increase attention to the importance of clean rivers for the health of the sea. And also it will help to find possible sources of pollution of natural waters.