New partnership in Luga region

Friends of the Baltic and Ecocentrum experts were invited to participate in kick-off seminar on new coming project "A Healthy Environment and Clean Waterways to the Blue Baltic Sea" ("Luga-Balt 2"). The event was held in Luga on March 14, 2019.

The goal of the new project is to increase environmental awareness and activity of the inhabitants of Luga River Basin, to develop methods to reduce pollution of the water basin and domestic waste.

Olga Senova spoke about population involvement to improve ecological status of Luga river, the results and the “findings” of Barents-Baltic Nature and Man Programme and the project on local solutions for reducing nutrient load on the Baltic:

- about map of results of public monitoring of water bodies in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region,
- about pilot projects of dry toilets with waste composting,
- about dissemination of experience in the environmentally friendly of manure management.

Elizaveta Merinova presented the public opinion on sustainable management of household waste, as well as Friends of the Baltic experience to educate public to reduce waste through everyday consumer choice, on the possibility of sorting and recycling. Within the framework of the project “More Baltic - less plastic” a whole set of educational materials has been developed, which will be useful for the Luga district.