Dry toilets works for people and nature

The problem of wastewater treatment in non-canalized areas is intensifies in the warm season, when thousands of citizens come to gardening communities and villages. In houses with non-permanent residence, simple cesspool toilets are usually installed, nutrient runoff from them flow into groundwater and surface water, polluting drinking water sources and causing water "blooming" in lakes and rivers, accompanied by deterioration of living conditions of aquatic inhabitants. Dry toilet is an eco-friendly alternative to cesspool toilets.

In the Leningrad region 4 demonstration complexes “Dry toilet with separate collection and composting of waste” has installed - in the Lomonosovsky, Volosovsky, Gatchina and Luga districts, by Ecocentrum Ltd with the participation of the Friends of the Baltic NGO. Democomplexes include operating dry toilets in public areas that equipped with infoboards with information about dry toilets as environmentally friendly alternative to the usual village toilet with a cesspool. In dry toilets, the liquid and solid fraction is collected separately. The liquid fraction after aging in a closed container is used for watering plants. The solid fraction is composted first in the toilet and, after filling the tank, in a separate composter. And used as a fertilizer.

On April 26, experts from Ecocentrum Ltd, Friends of the Baltic NGO and Biolan OY visited demonstration sites to test the readiness of the toilets for the summer season.

In the Fauna gardening community of the Lomonosov district, dry toilet is installed near the gardening board house and serves for the staff and visitors of the board for the third season. Even in winter, due to the construction of the toilet, the location of the hosepipe for collecting the liquid fraction, the toilet used. During this time, more than 200 liters of urine have been accumulated and used as a fertilizer. The solid fraction is stored in the composter.

There are examples of the private use of dry toilets in gardening community. According to the chairman, gardeners are interested and plan to install such toilets in their homesteads.









The demonstration dry toilet is equipped with a ramp for visiting people with disabilities at the Art-estate “Kaikino-10” in the Volosovsky district. There are regularly various tourist groups, the toilet is actively used throughout the year. The liquid fraction is used as fertilizer, the solid is transferred to the thermocomposter, by the end of the season the owners plan to get the ready compost.










The demonstration complex on the territory of the Golden Horseshoe ranch in the Gatchina district is also equipped with a ramp and available for people with disabilities in health - a social project on hippotherapy for children with disabilities is being implemented at the ranch. The demonstration complex during the year serves to inform visitors of large-scale festivals at the ranch, as well as gardeners from the nearby Lesnoye gardening community. Another environmental friendly projects are being implemented at the Ranch - a small dairy goat farm has started to function, the owners are equipping a hermetic manure store.









Demonstration sites are open for visitors.