Socio-environmental priorities for the development of routes on protected areas

The proposals of Friends of the Baltic on the development of environmental solutions and development of accessible environment on  protected areas were discussed at a joint meeting of the Environmental Council under the Government of St. Petersburg and  Public Environmental Council under the Governor of  Leningrad Region.

Friends of the Baltic NGO (director - Olga Senova, member of Environmental Council under the Government of St. Petersburg, and Elena Gretchina - Program Manager) developed proposals to create an accessible environment on the ecological routes on protected areas of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region for people with disabilities, as well as environmental priorities for infrastructure development on protected areas for the goal of environmental education and reducing of nutrient loads to nature and Baltic .

Friends of the Baltic propose: to equip some routes on protected areas of St. Petersburg with accessible environment, develop new routes taking into account the needs of people with disabilities, introduce changes to article 9 of the Environmental Code of St. Petersburg - add an item on creating an accessible environment on eco-routes and eco-events, as well as delivering one pilot dry toilet and focusing on sustainable solutions on energy and resource savings, separate collection of waste, etc (presentation RUS).


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