Environmental education and fighting marine litter in the Union of the Baltic cities

Friends of the Baltic presented the experience of public organizations working with plastic pollution and marine litter at the conference of the Union of Baltic cities (UBC). The conference was held on 15.10.2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania.  

St. Petersburg initiated a workshop on sustainable initiatives in cities, in which Friends of the Baltic spoke about civic science, public involvement in the fight against marine debris, the projects "More Baltic, less plastic", "Plastic Free Ocean" and urban solutions to reduce plastic pollution. A volunteer-based initiative to collect information about cosmetic products containing microplastics has developed into a published guide to cosmetics and today it works as an online list. The infographic has been released According to marine litter monitoring and now you can see the predominant plastic items pollutants on the coast. 

Dmitry Krutoy, head of the environmental projects section of the Department for external relations and environmental education, spoke about the concept of continuous environmental education in St. Petersburg and the existing educational programs and events. He invited representatives of SBG cities to join the international eco-awareness campaign "Clean Coast", in which the Friends of the Baltic conduct waste audit via the methodology of Coalition Clean Baltic developed on the basis of Marine Litter Watch  methodology.

The conference program
The next General conference of the Union of Baltic cities will be held in autumn 2021 in St. Petersburg.
Source of photos: Committee For external relations of Saint Petersburg