ECOCENTRUM in St.Petersburg, Russia

Ecocentrum in St.Petersburg
Ecocentrum keeps the long-term goals inherent in the EcoInfoCentre:

  • Protection of the Baltic Sea environment; river watch and river basin management; sustainable coastal development; sustainable solutions for wastewater management
  • Sustainable energy solutions, including energy efficiency, energy saving, and renewable energy sources
  • Sustainable solutions to transport and air pollution problems, promotion of public transportation and bike routes; energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transport
  • Green Consumerism
  • NGO co-operation, networking, institutional development and capacity building
  • Public participation in decision-making and protection of environmental rights

The main forms of Ecocentrum activities are the following:

Exhibitions: the permanently working exhibition at the Ecocentrum location and temporary mobile exhibitions.
Education: short-term courses, seminars, lectures, and excursions.
Information: consulting by experts, publishing printed information and methodical materials, web-resources, PR and discussion activity, press-conferences, work of library.
Networking and inter-sectoral co-operation: NGO networking and inter-sectoral (NGO-GO, NGO-business, NGO-GO-business) meetings, round tables and other events.
Support to environmental initiatives and public participation: consulting on the environmental situation and on environmental legislation, publications on environmental rights, organising public hearings, etc.

The main forms of Ecocentrum target groups include:

Environmental activists, leaders and members of environmental groups and organisations, journalists, representatives of local and regional administrations, environmentally-minded representatives of science and business, students, teachers, leaders and board members of housing and collective gardens unions, whistleblowers, and all people concerned with the state of the environment.

The Ecocentrum Co-ordination Council is a permanently working ruling body of partnership and consists of leaders of the three organizations - founders of Ecocentrum – Center for Environmental Initiatives, Friends of the Baltic, and Transboundary Environmental Information Agency.

In its work, Ecocentrum relies upon methodical and political support from the Board of Trustees comprised of representatives of the academic community, authorities, municipalities, and partner NGOs.


The permanent exhibition at the Ecocentrum reviews of environmentally friendly solutions, technologies, and products.

Presently, the exhibition has four thematic sections:

  • Introduction: world water cycle, world carbon cycle, and ecological footprint.
  • Protection of water and coastal ecosystems: the Baltic Sea and challenges it faces, sustainable solutions in agriculture, tourism and recreation, river basin management, values of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland (collection of Live Baltic campaign posters), and sustainable solutions for household wastewater management.
  • Energy and climate: greenhouse gases and role of fossil fuels, prospects of renewable energy sources in the world and in the North-West Russia, energy saving and energy efficiency in households, sustainable transport solutions.
  • Green consumerism: sustainable consuming, ecolabelling, rational solid household waste management.

Companies with environmentally friendly policies that use or sell green technologies and products are welcome to place their stands or exhibits at the exhibition.
Companies that use and/or sell environmentally friendly technologies and products are invited to consider their participation in the Ecocentrum exhibition.

For 2008, the total planned number of the exhibition visitors is 5000.


The Ecocentrum performs educational programs, short-term courses, seminars, methodical support, and excursions on the following themes:

For teachers and students:

  • Sustainable development
  • Environment of the Baltic Sea Region
  • Climate, energy and the environment
  • Sustainable transport solutions
  • Green consumerism

For companies’ experts:

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental standards
  • Ecolabelling and ecocertification
  • Environmental image as a factor of competitiveness

For experts of municipalities and household technical managers:

  • Saving energy and resources in households
  • Solid household waste management
  • Balanced development of areas near houses
  • Sustainable wastewater treatment
  • Cooperation of local self-governments and the public

Ecocentrum performs extensive courses to help motivate the personnel, offers consulting on introduction of sustainable development principles in management and technology.

Ecocentum organises discussion and educational activities – round tables, seminars, and lectures held in specially equipped premises – for environmental NGOs, scientists, and authorities who are involved in development and implementation of environmental policies.

Ecocentrum aims to support and develop network co-operation among those involved in environmental and sustainable development issues – municipalities, authorities, commercial companies, NGOs, educational institutions, and mass media.

Ecocentrum provides:

  • Public access to environmental information
  • Holding conferences, seminars, and round tables on problems of the environment
  • Creation of information and multimedia products and films on environmental issues
  • Presentation of environmental information upon request and preparation of analytical environmental reports
  • Consulting on environmental management
  • Interaction with mass media, media tours
  • Creation and maintenance of information portals based on GIS technologies for local administrations
  • Consulting on environmental legislation
  • Organising public hearings