Ecocentrum Ltd. and Friends of the Baltic NGO continue to study and disseminate the best practices of wastewater treatment in housing sector and in agriculture.


On October 15-16, a trip to Finland in the vicinity of the town of Eura took place. We visited the Jouko Peltonen yhtiöt broiler farm in Köyliö, which has environmentally safe bird manure management, and the Biolan Oy (Biolan) plant, which produces dry toilets, composters, as well as fertilizers and soils based on bird manure and composting products.


On the sixth of October the training for teachers, students, and activists on the microplastics research in water bodies was held by Friends of the Baltic and Ecocentrum. The training participants learned about what microplastics is, where it comes from, and how to stop microplastic pollution with individual solutions. Training participants also studied the methods of water sampling, and analysis of microplastics contamination in the water samples.

On the Federal channel Russia-1 has released a video about the microplastics which was initiated and inspired by experts of Ecocentrum and Friends of the Baltic. We attracted our parter experts to participate in this TV story. A lot of people in Russia have learned about the problem of microplastics and what can be done at the individual level. Let`s reduce microplastics pollution!

​On 20 October the 18th annual interregional youth conference related to environmental monitoring of rivers and the Gulf of Finland was conducted. More than 80 young researchers, teachers, scientists, and NGOs’ experts took part.


Ecocentrum Ltd and Friends of the Baltic public organization together with active gardeners continue to study and discuss the effectiveness of different types of wastewater treatment facilities for individual houses in non-canalized areas.

On October 7, in Fauna gardening community of the Lomonosov District, a meeting with a specialist in servicing of local treatment facilities  was held.


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