Friends of the Baltic expert  shared experience in the microplastics research  with colleagues from various Baltic Sea countries.

The fourth demonstration complex "Ecological dry toilet with composting of waste" was opened on 2018, August 28th. The toilet installed in Stavotino village, Luga district, Leningrad region, located on Saba river - confluent of Luga river.

Gardener’s summer holiday named "Melody of the summer" was organized on July 7, 2018 in "Fauna" gardening community, located in Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. More than 40 gardeners gathered on the area of the Fauna community Board, where a demonstration complex "Ecotoilet with composting waste" was installed.

Welcoming speech of the chairman of "Fauna", interactive games, a concert of famous BUFF theater, inspection of the eco-toilet were on agenda of the event.

Participants used the toilet for their purpose - all guests appreciated its convenience and appearance. One of the gardeners shared his impressions with Olga Senova, the head of Ecocentrum LTd: "I have seen this type of toilet in the national park in Finland 10 years ago", noting "this toilet is even better than in Finland".

More research, more partners.

A few years ago in Saint-Petersburg nobody knew about microplastics. But during the last year thanks to initiative of Friends of the Baltic public organization and Ecocentrum company experts began to study  this problem and developed and tested The methodology for monitoring pollution of water bodies with microplastics*. The number of people who know about the microplastics and would like to change the situation is growing every year.

On June 17, a complex event combining social and environmental projects was held at the ranch "Golden Horseshoe" in Gatchina district of the Leningrad region - the festival of equal opportunities, a seminar on sewage treatment and the opening of a new demonstration dry toilet available for people with disabilities.

Seminar " Environmentally friendly ways of wastewater treatment for small settlements and gardening communities: practical experience" was organized by Ecocentrum Ltd with the support of the Coalition Clean Baltic with participation of the Friends of the Baltic NGO, the Regional Center for Youth Policy of the Leningrad Region Delami.Ru, company Biolan, Biodinamic NGO.

This seminar continued the topic started at the first thematic seminar in November 2017. The first seminar was dedicated to the overall discussion of solutions for the treatment of small settlements and individual houses wastewater in the non-canalized areas of the Leningrad Region and the suburbs of St. Petersburg and ways to solve it. During the seminar on June 17, an educational and practical block was organized, which enabled participants to get practically acquainted with the main methods of wastewater treatment in rural areas.


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