River watch network leaders, leaders of school ecological groups, schoolchildren, as well as students, active citizens, interested in River watch, were participants of the RW training. 30 participants from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, including Luga River basin, visited the training. Experts of the Nevsko-Ladoga Basin Water Directorate, the Institute of Limnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, representatives of the library association of Kurortny district of St.Petersburg, public organizations «Separate waste in Gatchina» and «Kolibri v KADRe» took part in the event.

In February 2018, the brochure Climate Change: Implications and Risks for the Baltic Region, and the Adaptation Strategies was published as part of the BNPP program activities. The brochure provides information on the main negative consequences of climate change and potential climate risks for the Baltic Sea region, in particular, those related to flooding areas. The brochure presents possible climate adaptation measures, as well as the conditions for their effective development and implementation. Particular attention is devoted to public participation in the monitoring of the status of water bodies and in discussing climate risks and adaptation measures.

New Booklet "Dry toilets with separate waste collection and composting" is published. The booklet tells about dry toilets as a variety of wastewater treatment facilities for individual households. The booklet containts information about the types of dry toilets, the principles of operation and benefits, and the importance of using them to reduce the nutrient load into the water bodies of the Baltic Sea basin. Text is avalable in russian language. 

February 16 experts of Ecocentrum Ltd and Friends of the Baltic NGO visited Kaykino Creative Projects NGO in the village Kaykino of Volosovskiy district. The third demonstration complex «Dry toilet with separate waste collection and composting» will be built there on the territory of art-manor «Kaykino-10».

Barents-Baltic Nature and Man Program (BBNP Program) coordinators and members of the Public Council of Luga River Basin and the rivers of the Southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, as well as members of the Salmon Council of the Luga River Basin discussed on December 26th the results and future plans of BBNP Program. They shared the results of the Program activities - publications, established cooperation with authorities, municipalities, farmers, fishermen, citizens; as well as findings of river watch; results of surveys on water management and climate change; environmental situation analyze and priority tasks of NGOs.


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