Working meeting on saving the population of Baltic salmon in Luga river basin was held on October 26th in Kingisepp social and cultural center in the frame of Barents-Baltic Program Nature and People. Public organizations, business, fishermen’s, science, authorities were among the participants. Baltic Fund for Nature NGO, as well as Ecocentrum Ltd and Friends of the Baltic NGO were organizers of the event.

October 21st  in  Peterhof near the Gulf of Finland coast the 17th scientific and practical conference “Environmental monitoring of rivers and Gulf of Finland coast” was organized by children’s and youth center “Peterhof” with Ecocentrum Ltd, Ecological and biological center “Krestovsky islan” and “Friends of the Baltic” NGO. In the conference also participated experts of research institutes and universities of Saint-Petersburg. 

Conference was held in the framework of the program “River watch” and “Barents-Baltic nature and people program” of Coalition Clean Baltic.

Demonstration complex “Ecological dry toilet with separate waste collection and composting” will appear in the village Stavotino of Luga river water catchment area on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland.

On October, 16 the group of experts from Ecocentrum Ltd and Friends of the Baltic NGO visited the biodynamic farm of the public organization Biodinamics, where a demonstration complex will be placed.

A demonstration complex "Ecological dry toilet with composting " was launched on the 9th of September  in the gardening  community Fauna of the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region in the Black River basin (the tributary of the Kovash River). One such public toilet will prevent release of more than 1000 kg of nitrogen and 150 kg of phosphorus from entering in the natural watercourses.


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