Know Feel Act! To stop Marine Litter

Friends of the Baltic and Ecocentrum published educational pack "Know Feel Act! To stop Marine Litter" with the support of Baltic Sea Conservation Fund COalition Clean Baltic.

It is adapted and translated into Russian joint product of the MARLISCO partnership. It contains 17 learning activities examining the characteristics, sources, effects and possible ways to tackle the problem, addressing it from an environmental, societal, cultural and economic point of view. Formal and non-formal educators are invited to use
this material as a tool to develop observation, curiosity, imagination, creativity and action skills to young learners, on the topic of marine litter, and in line with the principles of Education for Sustainable Development.

New partnership in Luga region

Friends of the Baltic and Ecocentrum experts were invited to participate in kick-off seminar on new coming project "A Healthy Environment and Clean Waterways to the Blue Baltic Sea" ("Luga-Balt 2"). The event was held in Luga on March 14, 2019.

Friends of the Baltic took part in an environmental city forum "Green light for St. Petersburg!", which was held on March 12 at Center of Ecology and Biology "Krestovsky ostrov", one of the largest Russian additional education institutions in the ecological and biological field. This forum is a platform for active school students interested in natural sciences, where they get acquainted with each other and with experts of public environmental organizations, movements and initiatives. This year experts from Friends of the Baltic, volunteers from Razdelny Sbor and founder of the "Clean Games" project shared the experience with teenagers from the environmental groups of the Russian school movement.

March 5 Friends of the Baltic NGO participated in the meeting in the premises of the HELCOM Secretariat in Helsinki, where environmental organizations discussed the implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP), which expires in 2020. The meeting was organized by the Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) and the Baltic Environment Forum Group (BEF).

It was discussed how the BSAP is being implemented and what needs to be updated on current issues related to eutrophication, biodiversity and hazardous substances, and how to ensure the participation and consideration of public organizations in the BSAP audit process.

Teachers from Bolshaya Izhora, Gostilitsy, Lagolovo, Orzhitsy and Lomonosov became interested in the express methods for the study of nitrates. Microplastics is a new topic for schools, but that is why it is relevant. Teachers are interested in training on the methodology of  microplastics and marine litter research.. Schools represented at the workshop, located in the basins of the Black river, Shingarka and Karasta.


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