Eco-toilet in the FAUNA community – the first months of use

The dry eco-toilet, established 9th of September 2017 in the FAUNA gardening community on watershed of the drainage areas of the rivers Shingarka and Chernaya, has been working around 2,5 months until winter frost.

The toilet became an alternative for cesspool, polluted surface waters. Its demonstration mission -  show environmental, social and economic benefit of dry toilets for rural communities and individual households.

Such kind of toilet secure full-scale protection of nature waters from nutrient and bacteriological pollutions; they are cheap itself, and cheap in use; and also they transform toilet “waste” into the valuable organic fertilizer. Toilet is equipped with demonstration materials, describing all above mentioned benefits.

This toilet, placed on the FAUNA community board space, was used around 2,5 months until frosty season. For winter season toilet was closed – and will be open again when outdoor temperature will be steadily above zero (presumably second half of March).

During the autumn more than 140 persons have visited the toilet: the board members, employees, and gardeners, coming to pay for various services and membership fee. About 40 liters of urine and 15 kg of solid waste were collected. Urine will be used as a fertilizer after 6 months storage in a hermetically sealed container.  Feces with powder, as the toilet capacity is fool, will be moved to the garden composter, where will be kept 2 years (two summers), and after that may be used to improve the soil structure for flowers, bushes and trees.