Gardener’s summer holiday in "Fauna" gardening community - eco-toilet in the spotlight!

Gardener’s summer holiday named "Melody of the summer" was organized on July 7, 2018 in "Fauna" gardening community, located in Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. More than 40 gardeners gathered on the area of the Fauna community Board, where a demonstration complex "Ecotoilet with composting waste" was installed.

Welcoming speech of the chairman of "Fauna", interactive games, a concert of famous BUFF theater, inspection of the eco-toilet were on agenda of the event.

Participants used the toilet for their purpose - all guests appreciated its convenience and appearance. One of the gardeners shared his impressions with Olga Senova, the head of Ecocentrum LTd: "I have seen this type of toilet in the national park in Finland 10 years ago", noting "this toilet is even better than in Finland".

The eco-toilet is very clean and bright inside, guests also can wash their hands, there are a lot of flowers around, fertilized with toilet waste, as well as a bench for rest and waiting. Inside and outside the toilet there are posters telling how people (citizens, gardeners) can reduce the pollution of the Baltic Sea, how eco-toilet will help to do that.

Due to the posters, visitors get information that gardening community Fauna is located in two water basins - the southwestern part located in water basin of rivers Chernaya and Kovash, and the northwestern part belongs to the water basin of river Shingarka. That means, choosing an eco-toilet instead of a cesspool, the members of Fauna’s Board and all visitors contribute to reducing the pollution of two water basins. To learn more about environmental issues people can read booklets, located on the special shelf inside the toilet.