School river watch on Sestra river

In May 2019, the team of SEVIRA project conducted the first school water quality researches on Sestra river. Several public movements and educational centers joined us.

In early May, the nitrate concentration in the area between Sestroretsky and Primorsky highways, as well as in the village of Beloostrov was insignificant, in the range from 0 to 10 mg/l with maximum permissible concentration of 45 mg/l. The Participants also checked the ammonium salts content (equals 0) and the total hardness, which averaged 3.75 upstream and 2.75 downstream.

This spring Finnish schoolkids checked the water quality in the Seleznevka (Rakkolanjoki) and Virojoki rivers. Information about field trips is available on Facebook.

The results of public river watch are available here.

Photos: Olga Lagutenko and Jari Silander.