Our services
We organize and conduct lectures, seminars, workshops, as well as provide consultations and methodological and information materials on the following topics::

For educators and students:
  • Baltic Sea environment
  • Climate, energy and environment
  • Green consumption
  • Environmentally friendly solutions for transport

For companies:
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental standards and regulations
  • Ecocertification and ecolabeling
  • Green image as a competitive advantage

For companies in the housing and communal services sector, local authorities, managing companies and technical specialists of municipal buildings:
  • Energy and resource saving in the housing sector
  • Municipal waste management
  • Balanced development of territories adjacent to buildings
  • Recovery of nutrients from waste water
  • Cooperation between local authorities and public
Our clients
  • Teachers and educators
  • Students
  • Heads of companies, business owners
  • Specialists of the housing and communal services sector
  • Local authorities’ representatives
  • Managing companies’ staff
  • Building maintenance specialists
  • NGOs

We invite companies who implement environmentally friendly policies, use, produce and/or offer ecofriendly technologies and/or products, to display their stands and/or exhibits at ECOCENTRUM.

Our technologies

ECOCENTRUM has a permanent exhibition of environmentally friendly solutions, technologies and products.

Topics that the exhibition covers include:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ecofriendly building and construction
  • Transport
  • Environmental state of water objects and their coastline/banks
  • Green consumption
  • Waste management and handling
  • Waste water treatment
  • Ecolabeling of products and services
  • Ecotourism

Welcome to Ecocentrum!

Ecocentrum is the platform for cooperation between NGOs, businesses and authorities, designed to facilitate the development and implementation of environmental policies and promote green solutions.