On September 10, experts from ecological organization Friends of the Baltic, Ecocentrum Ltd, and North-West PGO JSC (Rosgeologia Holding) were the central part of the press conference held at the INTERFAX news agency. Experts spoke about the research of rivers and springs of the Leningrad Region under «Water meets people: learn, act & influence» (SEVIRA) project and «Clean Springs - Healthy Baltic» project, supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Friends of the Baltic NGO has opened the exhibition on plastic pollution "About plastics: from challenge to solutions!" in the Ecology-biology center "Krestovsky island" of St.Petersburg Central Palace of youth creativity.


Friends of the Baltic presented the experience of public organizations working with plastic pollution and marine litter at the conference of the Union of Baltic cities (UBC). The conference was held on 15.10.2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Friends of the Baltic and Russian representatives of HELCOM monitored marine litter on the North Shore of the Gulf of Finland

The environmental status of rivers and the Gulf of Finland, water bodies polluted with nitrates and phosphates, litter on the banks and microplastics in natural waters. These are just several topics discussed at the 19th annual conference of schoolchildren “Ecomonitoring of rivers, the Gulf of Finland, and the environment” which was held on October 19 in St. Petersburg. Both young and experienced researchers attended the event, thereby they shared their experiences and school kids learned the strong points of their studies and some tips for advancing them.


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