68% of the population of Seleznevo rural settlement are not satisfied with the water quality. To learn the anomalies that were noticed by local residents and the steps they are ready to make personally to improve the state of water bodies, please check the presentation.

Gardener’s summer holiday named "Melody of the summer" was organized on July 7, 2018 in "Fauna" gardening community, located in Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. More than 40 gardeners gathered on the area of the Fauna community Board, where a demonstration complex "Ecotoilet with composting waste" was installed.

Welcoming speech of the chairman of "Fauna", interactive games, a concert of famous BUFF theater, inspection of the eco-toilet were on agenda of the event.

Participants used the toilet for their purpose - all guests appreciated its convenience and appearance. One of the gardeners shared his impressions with Olga Senova, the head of Ecocentrum LTd: "I have seen this type of toilet in the national park in Finland 10 years ago", noting "this toilet is even better than in Finland".

April 20, Ecocentrum Ltd experts from St.Petersburg  visited Vishtynetsky Nature Park, located on the South-East of the Kaliningrad region, and participated in the round table "Environmentally friendly tourism on the territory of the Nature Park "Vishtynetsky". The event was organized by GAU KO "ECAT-Kaliningrad" and the direction of GBU KO "Nature Park Vishtynetskiy”. It was attended by representatives of various travel agencies of the region.

The seminar participants got acquainted with ecological routes, tourist programs for groups and individual visitors, recreation opportunities in the Nature Park. The organizers noted that an important component of recreation in the nature reserves is the equipment of routes with comfortable and environmentally friendly toilets.

On March 21, in Kaliningrad, on the eve of the Baltic Sea International Day, a round table "Experience in dry toilets installation and operation on various territories" was held. The organizers and participants were Ecocentrum Ltd, GAU KO Ecological Center EKAT-Kaliningrad, GBU KO Nature Park “Vishtynetsky”, Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation, Center for the Development of Social and Educational Projects “Aura” NGO, FGBU National Park “The Curonian Spit”.

Representatives of organizations that already have installed dry toilets for public use and environmental education within their projects, shared experiences, features and the first results of installation and operation of dry toilets. Among the participants of the meeting were representatives of organizations that are only going to adopt such experience.

In February 2018, the brochure Climate Change: Implications and Risks for the Baltic Region, and the Adaptation Strategies was published as part of the BNPP program activities. The brochure provides information on the main negative consequences of climate change and potential climate risks for the Baltic Sea region, in particular, those related to flooding areas. The brochure presents possible climate adaptation measures, as well as the conditions for their effective development and implementation. Particular attention is devoted to public participation in the monitoring of the status of water bodies and in discussing climate risks and adaptation measures.


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